KILOBASE BUCHAREST is an artistic project in the form of a nomadic art gallery started at the end of 2010 by Dragos Olea together with visual artist Ioana Nemes (1979 – 2011) with the aim to test and expand the limits and the way art market works and how artists can twist and bend the rules and expectations on how a gallery could function within the market sphere.
KILOBASE BUCHAREST slowly developed into a rather hybrid blob: artistic project, nomad gallery, producer of exhibitions or works for other artists, curator or co-curator, gallerist in special projects at art fairs etc.

KILOBASE BUCHAREST is exploring three main topics: economics, queer and Bucharest taking inspiration from the local context a plenty. KILOBASE BUCHAREST is more and more into exploring the depths, intensities and micropolitics of experimental collaborative practices that involve artists.

KILOBASE BUCHAREST does not have a space in Bucharest, functioning as a nomadic gallery, parasiting other spaces and infrastructures;

KILOBASE BUCHAREST exhibited, curated, edited or produced works and exhibitions at: KULTURKONTAKT, Vienna, Austria, Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Germany, Museion, Bolzano, Italy, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK, Viennafair, Vienna, Austria, The Contemporary Art Gallery at Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania, CCN, Graz, Austria etc.

KILOBASE BUCHAREST is (sometimes) acting as gallery co-producer for works of Apparatus 22, Irina Bujor, Farid Fairuz, Carl & Pontus Olsson etc. presented in excellent art institutions in Europe.
KILOBASE BUCHAREST is actively involved in the introduction, research, dissemination and presentation of the work of late artist Ioana Nemes.

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