Imaginary Economics at VIENNAFAIR

Artfair booth

“DIYALOG”: New Energies section at VIENNAFAIR (Vienna, Austria)
10.10 -13.10.2013


Artists: Apparatus 22 (RO), Farid Fairuz (LB/RO), Carl & Pontus Olsson (SE/NL), Tobias Sternberg (SE/DE)

The KILOBASE BUCHAREST presentation emphasizes on unfolding the potential of a series of upcoming and established artists: Apparatus 22, Farid Fairuz, Carl & Pontus Olsson and Tobias Sternberg.
The selection of works has as common thread ideas and concepts exploring witty and thought provoking ways to experience and engage more in-depth with art economy.

The KILOBASE BUCHAREST sales assistants offered works intricately un-saleable (intangible or yet to be fully defined as they unveil in time) or that would require a collector or institution with a great deal of courage and love for unorthodox perspectives: services as the future "REVELATIONS IN BUCHAREST. The Almost Visionary tour with Farid Fairuz" a performance as 3 days tour of Bucharest and a 3 days tour as performance; the tour imagined and performed by fabulous Farid Fairuz promises to whip any of your preconceptions of Bucharest mixing his sharp take on capitalism, sexuality, cultural production and religion.

Also as a service on offer there will be Tobias Sternberg’s Temporary Repair Art Store (Collector’s edition. Viennese winter). “Hand in a broken object. Tell us what is wrong with it. Tobias will turn it into an artwork” are the basic instructions for a complex commission work mixing storytelling, his witty approach and a great sensibility for materials (offer shown with documentation of the previous incarnations of the shop at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh and at PS2 gallery in Belfast).

Selling now works unfolding into future (in this case way until 2019) is continued with Carl & Pontus Olsson’s heartfelt homage and continuation of Ioana Nemes’ “Expensive Fiasco/Cheap Success" series of neon numbers (presented at the fair as a vinyl diagram on the wall) that works against the very logic of economy of attention on which the index is based.

Last, but not least a selection of five patterns-of-aura taken out from the namesake performance of invisible ideal fashion collection of Apparatus 22 (performance premiered in MAK, Vienna in 2011 and later presented in Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart in 2012 and as installation with sound in loop currently at Trafo Gallery in Budapest). Attempting to pinpoint the slippery, alienating yet seductive nature of fashion while taking inspiration in the very elusive phenomenon of aura, the selection of 5 poetic looks make use of language and imagery to ignite imagination and to add a critical layer on the fashion system talking also about exploitation and ethics of labour, Rolland Barthes’ “written garment”, sampling, homage and copying, history as fetish.