The Long Night – listening sessions
with The Continuum Broadcast

Performative project
December 21- 22, 2015 - listening sessions in 14 private houses
December 28, 2015 - special session at CIRCA 1703 – 3071

commissioner for The Continuum Broadcast, and co-producer together with Caminul Cultural

Images below are documentation of several of the listening session that took place during the intense marathon of listening sessions for “The Continuum Broadcast” work-in-progress | Apparatus 22 – channel 1: “The Broken Grid”, Simon Asencio – channel 2: “Erotic-Mnemotechnic Poem”


The Long Night
– book a session with The Continuum Broadcast

Caminul Cultural and KILOBASE BUCHAREST have the pleasure to present a work-in-progress version of The Continuum Broadcast during an essentially crepuscular marathon in Bucharest: The Long Night - a public tour by Apparatus 22 in private houses.

Taking place between 4:30pm - the sunset time of Monday, December 21 and 7:50am - the sunrise time of Tuesday, December 22 the nocturnal visits will unveil two new sound pieces produced by Apparatus 22 (RO) and Simon Asencio (FR/BE) for The Continuum Broadcast.

The Continuum Broadcast is the second in a series of joint works that are reflecting on the ambivalent power of radio to inform and entertain as well as to manipulate or empower.

While The Hour Broadcast - the first installation in the series, produced as a joint work of Apparatus 22 + StudioBASAR + SillyConductor - is about post war feelings and moves across the poetic, utilitarian, propagandistic registers of Utopia, The Continuum Broadcast explores the fluidity of going beyond the gender binary and subjectivities at the fringes of sexuality.

The Continuum Broadcast will be ready in final form and content in march 2016 and will include contributions from several more artists.


You can book for free one 30 minute listening session & talk of The Continuum Broadcast.

Apparatus 22 collective will travel with the new radio object to your home in one of the hourly slots between 4:30pm on Monday night (December 21) and 7:50am on Tuesday morning (December 22)

All you have to do is to register with
an email to
with a private message on Caminul Cultural's facebook page
with the following information:

Address in Bucharest (only private homes):
Phone number:

And we will contact you to arrange the time slot.

The Continuum Broadcast is commissioned by KILOBASE BUCHAREST and co-produced by Caminul Cultural (as part of the 2015 program). Caminul Cultural is a program initiated by Manuel Pelmus, Farid Fairuz, Brynjar Abel Bandlien, administrated by Asociatia Culturala Solitude Project and supported by ERSTE Foundation.